Thursday, March 09, 2006

urban music news websites

As an urban music reporter you need to be up-to-date as to whats happening in the industry. There are a lot of mainstream websites I can use such as and which are very popular amongst internet users. I could also look at the many mainstream glossy music magazines that are out there. The websites and magazines offer people news and stories of mainstram artist and give readers all the big and breaking news from the urban music scene.

There are a vast amount of urban music news sources on the internet for me to look as a music reporter. one such site is This site is a spin-off from the Vibe magazine and offers users with up-to-date news on new artists from the world of Hip Hop and RnB. mthe site is updated frequently. The site also offers users to interact as it has message boards for fans to put their comments on. It has various extra's such as games photo gallery of artist, events, concerts etc.

There are other sites such as which concentrates purely on the Hip Hop side of Urban music. This site is different from other music news site. It conatains news and information about the well-known Hip Hop artists as well as the not so known. It tells you about up and coming artist you will not have heard in mainstream music websites. The website also has features, reviews of albums and singles and you can also can watch video's of the artist's new tracks. This website could have a little bias in it as it talks up the artists and doesn't really critise. The site is basically an advertisement to showcase the talent from the Hip Hop world. is an example that looks at the mainstream urban scene with up-to-date news on the artists and you can also watch the new video's and read the reviews from the top music reviewers. This is a very reliable source in getting the latest accurate information and is updated frequently.

The Urban music scene is closely linked with black culture and most of the urban music sites has many references to black lifestyle. Most Urban music artists are black, however there many artists and fans from over races and cultures.


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