Thursday, March 09, 2006

Urban music blogs This blog is updated regulary by music fans. It is a very good source that allows fans to put their comments and views across. The site has blogs on all different topics. The blog has good links to offical artist sites and mainstream music sites. This blog is a good source for information on Hip Hop artists and also RnB artists. the blog has good links to sites such as Yahoo music in which you can watch all the latest vidoes from the artists. the blog allows anyone to comment on the postings. This is a very reliable source in finding out what the fans think of the artist and the music. However if i was a reporter, trying to find information on British artist and music I would not look here as it only has news on American artists This is another really good example of a Hip Hop blog with news, artist info and latest releases. it is more formal than other music blogs as it is written professionally. I think that this blog is the most reliable to me as a Urban music reporter.


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