Friday, March 10, 2006

illegal Downloading music

For my backgrounder article I have decided to research on the illegal downloading of music and the impact it has on the industry as a whole. This is issue not only influences the people associated with the Urban music scene but everybody else involved in music.

In recent years due to the enhancment of internet technology downloading music has been a huge issue amonst many players in the music spectrum. Many people around the world everyday download music for free and get away with it. P2P networks are partly to blame as they provide the platform for people to share music.

If I wanted to write an article on this, I would have to research online sources that I have looked at, which will enable me to get the best information and news on the subject. This news source is very useful as it has articles on what the music industry is doing about the downloading phenomanon, It also has links to different articles about the big players in downloading such as Napster. This site contains a report on downloading music and the current state of the industry due to this. The site contains various links as to where they found their sources and also has blogs where people are posting their comments. This site contains info on a survey which states that most oppose music download law suits. This website contains an article which discusses how downloading music is on the rise. the article discusses what has made the downloading of music increase so much in recent years. This website is very useful as it contains everything you need to know about dowloading music from how you can do it to what effcts it has on the industry. It also contains latest music news.

Blogs This is a very useful blog for my article on downloading music as people post about digital music. However they only talk about legal downloading. is another useful blog about the distribution of downloading music with up-to-date news. This blog is written by a leading person from the digital music industry.

Message board and Forums This message board will be useful for my article as music downloaders talk to each other about the issues surrounding downloading music. there are some discussions about the legality of it. This is a very popular forum with all sorts of people posting discussions about digital music, again this will be useful to me. This message board also has a blog on the site for people to comment on music downloading as well as having a discussion.

There are many more sources I could use when writing my article about the impact of illegal downloads on the music industry. These sources asre very good however there are a lot more I could browse.


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