Wednesday, March 08, 2006

How it changes the nature of news?

I believe citizen jornalist can change the nature of news to a certain extent. The idea of a citizen journalist is to harness the power of the audience to participate in the news media. If we get articles and stories written by the people, we will geta totally different perspective to the news and current affairs.

Citizen journalist websites will open up to public comment which will enable readrs to attach comments to articles and also it gives the opportunity for readers to react to, criticise and praise what's published by professional journalists. This concept means we are getting different perspective of the news from the audience and the institutions. Both are interacting to give a new type of journalism and news. Readers of stories may want to make their own judgements or they might want to make the story better so effectively a news story will change all the time.

Professional journalists and their readers are basically working together and combining their knowledge and expertise to provide a journalistic product. Everyone who contributes are helping each other by enhancing their understanding and knowledge of a particular issue or news story.

Blogging can be seen as a form of citizen journalism, as it allows people to publish their stories and thoughts on any subject they want.


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