Monday, February 27, 2006

pros and cons of

Whilst ohmynews is a very good example of citizen journalism, there are various pros and cons of how successful this example is as a form of journalism.

The site has grown to be a very popular online newspapers with approximately 39,000 citizen reporters writing for the site. However many people may question the credibility of the the reporters on the website. Citizen journalists may lack the proffesionlism of institutional journalists and the articles will lack journalistic quality.

On the other hand, citizen journalists on the site will have more expertise and knowledge on a subject they are writing about. They will have written an article on the basis that they know a lot about the subject. The articles written by these online journalists will be more in depth and will contain expertise knowledge of the subject rather than an institutional journalist writing on a subject they do not have much knowledge about.

Here are some other links to citizen journalism websites:

One very good example of a citizen journalsim website is the online newspaper was set up in 2000 in South Korea by Oh Yeon Ho, who wanted every citizen to be a reporter.

This type of websites are changing the definition of journalism and who can be a journalists. Ohmynews was the first of its kind to actually publish articles which were written by its readers.

The online newspaper was influential in the outcome of the 2002 South Korean presidential elections with Roh Moo Hyun being elected.

Monday, February 20, 2006

citizen journalism

People from the public who play an active role in collecting, analysing and reporting news and information can be called citizen journalists.

This type of online journalism is becoming very popular amongst many people as it allows the public to participate in a particular society. Ordinary people do provide independent, reliable, accurate, wide-ranging and relevant information just as good as professional journalists.

There are various websites which allow citizen journalists to post their stories and articles. Examples of citizen journalists could be personal blogs and there are various websites which allow the public to become reporters such as the Korean website and