Friday, March 10, 2006

illegal Downloading music

For my backgrounder article I have decided to research on the illegal downloading of music and the impact it has on the industry as a whole. This is issue not only influences the people associated with the Urban music scene but everybody else involved in music.

In recent years due to the enhancment of internet technology downloading music has been a huge issue amonst many players in the music spectrum. Many people around the world everyday download music for free and get away with it. P2P networks are partly to blame as they provide the platform for people to share music.

If I wanted to write an article on this, I would have to research online sources that I have looked at, which will enable me to get the best information and news on the subject. This news source is very useful as it has articles on what the music industry is doing about the downloading phenomanon, It also has links to different articles about the big players in downloading such as Napster. This site contains a report on downloading music and the current state of the industry due to this. The site contains various links as to where they found their sources and also has blogs where people are posting their comments. This site contains info on a survey which states that most oppose music download law suits. This website contains an article which discusses how downloading music is on the rise. the article discusses what has made the downloading of music increase so much in recent years. This website is very useful as it contains everything you need to know about dowloading music from how you can do it to what effcts it has on the industry. It also contains latest music news.

Blogs This is a very useful blog for my article on downloading music as people post about digital music. However they only talk about legal downloading. is another useful blog about the distribution of downloading music with up-to-date news. This blog is written by a leading person from the digital music industry.

Message board and Forums This message board will be useful for my article as music downloaders talk to each other about the issues surrounding downloading music. there are some discussions about the legality of it. This is a very popular forum with all sorts of people posting discussions about digital music, again this will be useful to me. This message board also has a blog on the site for people to comment on music downloading as well as having a discussion.

There are many more sources I could use when writing my article about the impact of illegal downloads on the music industry. These sources asre very good however there are a lot more I could browse.

Music issues- RnB and Hip Hop

After looking at the vast amount of sources for music reporting I believe I could use some of them to help in writing a backgrounder article on a particular music issue. There are various issues surrounding music I could investigate especially in the Urban music genre.

One issue I could look into is the whether there is a gun and drug culture associated with Hip Hop music. There has been much bad press about the music genre in promoting this violent culture that harms the society. I could reserch the online sources and find good information on the subject which will make a good story.

Another issue I could look at is the illegal downloading of Mp3 music files from the internet. This threatens the whole music industry as most record companies are losing millions everyday because of this. There is much debate as to the rights and wrongs downloading music has.

Dan Gillmor article on citizen journalists Dan Gilmor, a leading pioneer in citizen journalism writes an article on citizen journalism and explains the new hi-tech tools which allow readers to become writers. In his article he is saying that the technology o the internet which is allowing citizens to become writers is having an impact on the modern society.

The tools of production he talks about are blogs, podcasts, wiki's, discussions, multiplayer games and mashups. These tools are increasing getting powerful as more people use them. His argument in the article is that the media is becoming democratised and global conversation is emerging. This is Dan Gilmor's homepage

Urban music newsgroup This website is a good example of newsgroup which will enable to gain access to all aspects of music from news stories to new releases and also weblogs. As a music reporter this will be very useful to me as it contains information on all music genre's. In this site it contains a rap dictionary, which contains the spellings and meanings of particular words or phrases most of the famous rap artists use. This will be useful to me as it will help me understand what the rappers are saying in their lyrics.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

specialist fan site

One very good website where you can access most of the Hip Hop and RnB artists fan sites is All you have to do is type the artists name in the search bar and it gives you a list of several fan sites with info on the artist.

The site is also a news site on urban music. It is very useful as it has latest news, reviews and interviews with stars. It does have a forum so fans can talk to each other about the artists and the music.

message boards

If your a music fan and can't help but comment about an issue you can do so via message boards. There are many music message boards on the internet and its fair to say the one in is one of the most popular mainstream urban music message boards. If you want to air you opinions on the board you must sign for a membership. Once you have the membership you can put your comments forward to many of the discussions taking place at one time, however you can view the comments without getting a membership. you can create a discussion on all types of Urban music from Hip Hop, RnB, Garage, Dancehall, Drum and Bass, Desi beats and more. This will be a very reliable source for a music reporter as it has comments from the mass audience of Urban music. is a very useful source as the discussions on the message board are mainly about the underground Hip Hop scene. The more serious Hip Hop fan will mainly go on the site and talk about underground Hip Hop artist who are not on the mainstream music scene. Like the BBC forum you have to have a membership to put your opinions forward.

There are many other message boards which are very useful sources. here are some links:

Urban music blogs This blog is updated regulary by music fans. It is a very good source that allows fans to put their comments and views across. The site has blogs on all different topics. The blog has good links to offical artist sites and mainstream music sites. This blog is a good source for information on Hip Hop artists and also RnB artists. the blog has good links to sites such as Yahoo music in which you can watch all the latest vidoes from the artists. the blog allows anyone to comment on the postings. This is a very reliable source in finding out what the fans think of the artist and the music. However if i was a reporter, trying to find information on British artist and music I would not look here as it only has news on American artists This is another really good example of a Hip Hop blog with news, artist info and latest releases. it is more formal than other music blogs as it is written professionally. I think that this blog is the most reliable to me as a Urban music reporter.

urban music news websites

As an urban music reporter you need to be up-to-date as to whats happening in the industry. There are a lot of mainstream websites I can use such as and which are very popular amongst internet users. I could also look at the many mainstream glossy music magazines that are out there. The websites and magazines offer people news and stories of mainstram artist and give readers all the big and breaking news from the urban music scene.

There are a vast amount of urban music news sources on the internet for me to look as a music reporter. one such site is This site is a spin-off from the Vibe magazine and offers users with up-to-date news on new artists from the world of Hip Hop and RnB. mthe site is updated frequently. The site also offers users to interact as it has message boards for fans to put their comments on. It has various extra's such as games photo gallery of artist, events, concerts etc.

There are other sites such as which concentrates purely on the Hip Hop side of Urban music. This site is different from other music news site. It conatains news and information about the well-known Hip Hop artists as well as the not so known. It tells you about up and coming artist you will not have heard in mainstream music websites. The website also has features, reviews of albums and singles and you can also can watch video's of the artist's new tracks. This website could have a little bias in it as it talks up the artists and doesn't really critise. The site is basically an advertisement to showcase the talent from the Hip Hop world. is an example that looks at the mainstream urban scene with up-to-date news on the artists and you can also watch the new video's and read the reviews from the top music reviewers. This is a very reliable source in getting the latest accurate information and is updated frequently.

The Urban music scene is closely linked with black culture and most of the urban music sites has many references to black lifestyle. Most Urban music artists are black, however there many artists and fans from over races and cultures.

My specialist area

For my specialist area I will be concentrating on music journalism especially the urban genre's (RnB and Hip Hop). I have chosen to concentrate on this specific area because it is a area that I am interested in. I will analyse the sources of news, contacts and leads and I will give links to these sources.

The types of sources I will look at are blogs, newsgroups, message boards, specialist sites, fan sites etc. I will discuss how I would best use the sources for music reporting and how reliable thay are.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

How it changes the nature of news?

I believe citizen jornalist can change the nature of news to a certain extent. The idea of a citizen journalist is to harness the power of the audience to participate in the news media. If we get articles and stories written by the people, we will geta totally different perspective to the news and current affairs.

Citizen journalist websites will open up to public comment which will enable readrs to attach comments to articles and also it gives the opportunity for readers to react to, criticise and praise what's published by professional journalists. This concept means we are getting different perspective of the news from the audience and the institutions. Both are interacting to give a new type of journalism and news. Readers of stories may want to make their own judgements or they might want to make the story better so effectively a news story will change all the time.

Professional journalists and their readers are basically working together and combining their knowledge and expertise to provide a journalistic product. Everyone who contributes are helping each other by enhancing their understanding and knowledge of a particular issue or news story.

Blogging can be seen as a form of citizen journalism, as it allows people to publish their stories and thoughts on any subject they want.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Do citizen journalists get paid? recruits a small team of paid professional reporter, however 70 per cent of the sites content is written by citizens.

Some of the contributers on the site, who submit quality content are paid modest fees for their expertise writing. not every piece of writing which is submitted on the site is published as there are so many articles.

Most American citizen journalism sites would take a different approach, they would rarely pay for any articles which are submitted on the site. treats citizen reporters like real journalists.

Monday, February 27, 2006

pros and cons of

Whilst ohmynews is a very good example of citizen journalism, there are various pros and cons of how successful this example is as a form of journalism.

The site has grown to be a very popular online newspapers with approximately 39,000 citizen reporters writing for the site. However many people may question the credibility of the the reporters on the website. Citizen journalists may lack the proffesionlism of institutional journalists and the articles will lack journalistic quality.

On the other hand, citizen journalists on the site will have more expertise and knowledge on a subject they are writing about. They will have written an article on the basis that they know a lot about the subject. The articles written by these online journalists will be more in depth and will contain expertise knowledge of the subject rather than an institutional journalist writing on a subject they do not have much knowledge about.

Here are some other links to citizen journalism websites:

One very good example of a citizen journalsim website is the online newspaper was set up in 2000 in South Korea by Oh Yeon Ho, who wanted every citizen to be a reporter.

This type of websites are changing the definition of journalism and who can be a journalists. Ohmynews was the first of its kind to actually publish articles which were written by its readers.

The online newspaper was influential in the outcome of the 2002 South Korean presidential elections with Roh Moo Hyun being elected.

Monday, February 20, 2006

citizen journalism

People from the public who play an active role in collecting, analysing and reporting news and information can be called citizen journalists.

This type of online journalism is becoming very popular amongst many people as it allows the public to participate in a particular society. Ordinary people do provide independent, reliable, accurate, wide-ranging and relevant information just as good as professional journalists.

There are various websites which allow citizen journalists to post their stories and articles. Examples of citizen journalists could be personal blogs and there are various websites which allow the public to become reporters such as the Korean website and